Mother Lode
DX / Contest Club

Club Meetings

This meeting is being re-scheduled due to the DX convention.

The April meeting of the Mother Lode DX/Contest Club will be 11:30 AM for lunch with the presentation at 12:30 on April 13th at the Breakroom located at 4131 South Shingle Rd Ste 7 in Shingle Springs. You can order your lunch at the counter and it will be brought to you in the meeting room.

W2IJ will have a ZOOM presentation on the T33A operation from Banaba Island, Please RSVP to the io site.


2024 Meeting Schedule (tentative)

Jan - 27 Martell
Feb - Sutter Creek
Mar - Loomis
Apr - Shingle Srings + ZOOM
May -
June -
July -
Aug -
Sept -
Oct -
Dec -