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Take advantage of the MLDXCC email reflector list to stay current on club and member news! The list recently moved to If you are a member and missed the notice about the move, please catch up and join us on the new list!

(We'd like to thank our previous list hosts at for their years of support: AD1C, KM3T, and N5KO.)

We hope you will find it an effective means of communication within the club. This is a closed reflector. Only MLDXCC members may subscribe to it and any message sent to it will go only to MLDXCC members currently subscribed. We encourage you to use the reflector for announcements of interest to MLDXCC members such as:

  • Contest results, including:
    • contest name
    • operator callsign(s)
    • station callsign (if different)
    • entry class (e.g., SO15LP, MSABHP, etc.)
    • QSOs
    • mults
    • score
    • soapbox comments (bragging, lies, etc.)
  • Antenna parties
  • Mailing parties
  • Special events
  • Items for sale or wanted (please limit to contesting-related items -- no junk, please!)
  • Operators wanted or available

You can initially subscribe by going to

Or email your request to

If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (e.g., switch to or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit the same page - - you will need to make an account and login to make changes.

If you think you may post from multiple email addresses, go into your account and create as many "alias" addresses as you need. Just click "Advanced Settings for Email Aliases".

Note that if you do post from an address that doesn't know, it will be rejected. Set up your aliases and avoid rejection!

To post to this list, send your email to

Coming soon - #hashtags - has a #hashtag feature. Please watch the list for guidelines on the various #hashtags that we will define to help you control the posts you see and don't see.

Note that has many more features than our old host. We encourage you to explore them for yourself.

Administrative questions and comments can be sent to the list administrators at Current admins are Jeff WK6I and Dennis NJ6G.