The W6SR QTH is located just off HWY 49, 4 mile north of HWY 50. The elevation is 2000 ASL, at the top of the American River Canyon, with a negative horizon in most directions. My current equipment is a Elecraft K3 and P3, plus and Alpha 87A 1500W automatic band switching power amplifier.

My antennas are on a 55 US tower and consist of 30M and , a 6 element 6M beam at the top, a 40M rotatable dipole, a SteppIR covering 10,12,15,17 and 20M, then a 30M rotatable dipole. The second tower is 20 of Rohn 45 that will support 2 M2 6M7 6M yagis with elevation control for 6M EME. I use a inverted V on 80M and a Inverted L on 160M, I have 265 entities confirmed on 80 and 185 on 160M.

I have achieved 9BDXCC, 5BWAZ, WAC on 6M. I am #1 honor roll, will all 340 current countries confirmed, and have a total count of 358 entities confirmed. I have 2727 band countries confirmed on DXCC Challenge. I am also a ARRL official DXCC/WAS/and VHF card checker. I am a retired aerospace engineer, having worked in defense electronics for over 40 years. I have been a licensed HAM for 49 years.