FTDX-3000D with SP8
SDR-IQ for Hi-Res Spectrum Scope and second RX.
Alpha 374 80 thru 10M No Tune Amplifier.
MT-3000A Tuner
Orion 2800 Rotor Control
Drake W2
FT-5100 FM Dual Bander
RF Applications Digital Watt meter.
OM Power OM-2000+ 160 thru 6M Amplifier
N3ZN Paddle

US Towers TX455 with 20 foot .375 wall T6081 Aluminum mast.
M2 KT36 20-15-10
CushCraft D-40
HB 17/12 Interlaced Yagi 4 el each band on 22 ft boom with separate feeds Topped off by a 2M/440 Diamond Vertical.